Abbay around Angles
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Castle Ruins of "Terre-Neuve"
Le château


The first stone castle was built by a bishop of Poitiers Gilbert (975-1020), on the rocky escarpment overlooking the river. The commander of the garrison is entrusted to a cousin of the bishop, Gaucelme Roy, and then his nephew to 1025. That same year, a bridge is built, remaining until 1741... [read more]


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Departure - Angles-sur-l'Anglin
Augustinian Abbey of Sainte-Croix

Step 1 - Archigny
Abbaye de l'Etoile

Step 2 - Saint-Savin
Abbaye de Saint-Savin

Step 3 - Fontgombault
Abbaye Notre-Dame

Check - Angles-sur-l'Anglin
Castle Ruins of "Terre-Neuve"


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