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Castle Ruins of "Terre-Neuve"
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Construction: 13th century


The first stone castle was built by a bishop of Poitiers Gilbert (975-1020), on the rocky escarpment overlooking the river. The commander of the garrison is entrusted to a cousin of the bishop, Gaucelme Roy, and then his nephew to 1025. That same year, a bridge is built, remaining until 1741.

In 1096, before leaving on a crusade, Hugues de Lusignan and his son Hugh Brown granted the benefits of the abbey at the Abbot of Saint-Cyprien Poitiers.
The barons Lusignan hold their stronghold of Angles in frank alms without tribute, or other obligation of the bishops of Poitiers. They are therefore independent. They revising the castle, including rebuilding the dungeon.

However, the lords of Lusignan gradually abandoning their land of Angles, they sell or exchange. In 1268, Guillaume de Lusignan Lezay-exchange castle and its rights to the bishops of Poitiers, from the land of Villefagnan, and March 21, 1281, Helie de Lusignan sells two-thirds of its land Angles to the bishop of Gautier Bruges, who supported the Pope Boniface VIII against Philip the Fair, and was exiled for this.

In the fourteenth century, the family of Oyre who defends the castle for bishops. One of its members, Guichard IV, was celebrated for his exploits at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356, next to Jean le Bon, he valiantly defended. He then fought under the command of the Black Prince, who received the order of the king of France to obey its new suzerain. He received the Order of the Garter, becomes governor's son Black Prince. He embellishes his castle, which takes its name from Castle Guichard.

On May 23, 1372, Bertrand du Guesclin attacks and takes the castle (or master Pierre Gedoin graciously gave him), and the village is ruined. The bishops of Poitiers are the only lords of the castle.


Filed in 1926 Historical Monuments
Owned by the town


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Departure - Angles-sur-l'Anglin
Augustinian Abbey of Sainte-Croix

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Abbaye de Saint-Savin

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Castle Ruins of "Terre-Neuve"


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