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Abbaye Notre-Dame
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Construction: 12th century


In 1091, Pierre de l'Etoile founded the abbey on the banks of the Creuse near the fountain Gombaud. For the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the abbey has a considerable development and founded twenty priories. In the fifteenth century, the abbots of Fontgombault many are digging ponds helping with the Abbeys of St. Meobecq Cyran and development of fish farming in the Brenne. The abbey, looted and devastated by the Calvinists in 1569, was restored at the end of the following century by Dom Andrieu. Jean-Francois de Chamillart is abbot of the monastery. But in 1741, the community of Benedictines, reduced to five members, was replaced by Vincentians, who founded a seminar and launch missions in the region.

During the revolution the abbey is partially destroyed and is sold as a "national asset". She finally bought by the Trappists in 1849 who are trying to recover in maintaining the agricultural and founding a distillery kirsch. But in 1905, the Trappists are expelled from France by the anti-congregations, and the abbey again sold is purchased by Louis Bonjean who installs a factory buttons. Upon the death of the latter, in 1914, the monastery was converted into a military hospital for the wounded from the Belgian army, and the rest until 1918.

From 1919 to 1948, a diocesan seminary settles in the walls of the abbey, but he finally closed for lack of vocations.
Since 1948, the Benedictine Abbey has returned with the installation of 22 monks from Solesmes. She now has a hundred and has already founded three other abbeys, Our Lady of Randol in 1971, Our Lady of Triors in 1984 and Our Lady of Gaussan in 1994, as well as a priory in the United States, Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek 1999. Fongombault Abbey is the daughter of the most prolific Solesmes. Father-Father Antoine current Forgeot dom.

Owned by the Congregation of Solesmes, the abbey has kept the Gregorian and liturgical traditions since 1984 took advantage of the indult to the rite of St. Pius V. It is therefore of the Ecclesia Dei commission since 1988.


Filed in 1862 Historical Monuments
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Abbaye Notre-Dame

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