Small and large ruins
Step 1 - Chassenon



Construction: 1st century; 3rd century


Cassinomagus The site is so vast that excavations continue to uncover different parts of the baths.

The Spa-oriented worship and therapeutic built in the 1st century were buried under meters of land until 1958, when excavations began, so that they may be allowed to remain in a remarkable state of preservation, Some walls reach 5 metres high and in the basement were excavated underground aqueducts and service rooms and furnaces. At ground level, one can still admire some floors remained intact. The statues, artifacts recovered to reconstructing part of the lives of visitors, both pilgrims and visitors as well as service personnel.


Filed in 1959 Historical Monuments
Owned by an association


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Departure - Saint-Martin-L'ars
Abbaye de la Réau

Step 1 - Chassenon

Step 2 - Oradour-sur-Glane
Mémorial juin 1944

Step 3 - Saint-Bonnet-de-Bellac
Château de Bagnac

Check - Charroux
Abbaye Saint-Sauveur


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