Small and large ruins
Departure - Saint-Martin-L'ars

Abbaye de la Réau
La Réau


Construction: 12th century, the 14th century, 17th century, 18th century


This seems abbey founded in the third quarter of the 12th century during the reign of Henry II Plantagenet. Presumably royal foundation, it prosperous and rapidly spins many priories. The monastery was burned and ransacked in 1372, the ruins are then identified and protected by a fortified complex.

Disorderly and the decline began in the 16th century. It was not until the appointment of Louis de la Rochefoucauld to see a recovery taking shape with the installation of génovéfains in the early 17th century. Significant work is being done in the 18th century under the direction of Francois Henin Prior, as well as the demolition of a large number of buildings considered too old. The buildings and furniture are sold as national property to the Revolution. Today the church remain in ruins, a building extending the transept, another forming the north side of the cloister, the barn and common, including the mill, which demonstrated all built generated by the monastic rule based in particular on autarky.


Filed in 1941 Historical Monuments
Private property


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Departure - Saint-Martin-L'ars
Abbaye de la Réau

Step 1 - Chassenon

Step 2 - Oradour-sur-Glane
Mémorial juin 1944

Step 3 - Saint-Bonnet-de-Bellac
Château de Bagnac

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Abbaye Saint-Sauveur


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