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Check - Charroux

Abbaye Saint-Sauveur


Construction: 13th century


At the bottom of a valley, not far from the Charente, the octagonal tower of Charroux perpetuates the memory of one of the most powerful Benedictine abbeys of medieval France.
The monastery was founded at the end of the 8th century by Roger, Earl of Limoges, under the protection of Charlemagne.
The large church built in the 11st century lies in the tradition of the Carolingian architecture. It was organized around an immense rotunda three floors dedicated to the Saviour, we are left with the tower known as Charlemagne.
From the monastery, the only remaining house from the 15th century, where sculptures are collected from the Gothic portal and the remarkable treasure.

During the Revolution of 1789, the state sold the abbey of Saint-Sauveur, which was divided into five lots; already, it was in poor condition; sale accentua its destruction; these two inscriptions were found at the entrance of the abbey under colossal statues of Charlemagne and Count Roger Limoges, founder of the abbey between 768 and 799.


Property of a public institution
Date protection MH 1945


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Departure - Saint-Martin-L'ars
Abbaye de la Réau

Step 1 - Chassenon

Step 2 - Oradour-sur-Glane
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Step 3 - Saint-Bonnet-de-Bellac
Château de Bagnac

Check - Charroux
Abbaye Saint-Sauveur


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